Exclusive: The Stars of HGTV’s ‘Unsellable Houses’ Offer Some Hopeful Words for Homebuyers

By Jillian Pretzel
Apr 1, 2022

If you’ve loved watching Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis duke it out against other HGTV stars on the latest season of “Rock the Block,” you will be thrilled to hear that these twin sisters are soon returning to HGTV for the third season of their own signature show, “Unsellable Houses.”

Premiering on April 12, “Unsellable Houses” features Lamb and Davis helping home sellers fix up properties that just sit on the market without offers. This might seem strange in today’s raging seller’s market, but once you see these houses, you’ll understand.

Curious to learn more about what they’ve been up to, we had a chat with Lamb and Davis about what we can expect in this season of “Unsellable Houses,” and their top advice for buyers, sellers, and owners in today’s crazy real estate market.

What makes Season 3 of ‘Unsellable Houses’ different?

Lyndsay Lamb: We’re doing a lot more educating. “Rock the Block” gave us a lot of confidence in our building skills. We had no option but to really roll up our sleeves. We didn’t have a builder on site that we could say, “Hey, build this project. Do this, do that.” It was more “If you want it done, figure it out.”

So we’re coming back with a lot more confidence, and we’re doing a lot heavier DIY projects, a lot more little builds ourselves, and trying to do a lot of educating homeowners.

Are there any common misconceptions home sellers tend to have of what buyers really want?

Lamb: You don’t have to stick with whites or grays. You can definitely put some colors in, like we did in the living room. You can definitely live in a very specific, funky house. But if you’re going to sell in the next 10 years, maybe do a wall that can be painted, not all five walls where maybe buyers wouldn’t feel comfortable with it.

Many homebuyers are struggling in today’s crazy market. Does homebuying today require a whole new mindset?

Lamb: I would just say hang in there if you’re a buyer. Sometimes it’s like it’s a numbers game, right? You have to lose a certain amount of [bids] to win one. You can’t go in thinking if you lose out on two or three offers, you’re not meant to buy. That’s not the market we’re in right now. You have to go in remembering everybody is going to lose out on a couple of homes.

Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb
Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb outside a newly renovated home from “Unsellable Houses”


Just think of it as a practice round. You’re practicing writing offers and getting in the swing of it. So when the right house comes along, you’re going to really know the strength of your offer and what you are willing to offer, when and what you’re willing to waive, and what you’re willing to do when that perfect home comes along.


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Do you have any advice for buyers who want to make their offer especially attractive?

Leslie Davis: We find in our market personal letters are starting to really make a difference again. I don’t know if that’s something that you can do nationwide. I know there’s a lot of different rules. But with my sellers, a lot of times they like to see those.

Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb
Davis and Lamb in a newly renovated main bedroom from “Unsellable Houses”


And then there’s the difference between pre-qualification and pre-approval. It’s so important to educate buyers on taking the time to go through underwriting and really getting all of the approval process completed. I know when I’m sitting in front of a seller and I have five offers, I definitely take the time to educate them on the difference between who went on an online application and spent five minutes to get a letter printed and who has been working on it for 30 days and has already submitted all their documents and has taken the time to make sure that they’re completely underwritten.

Lamb: Also to that point, with pre-approval versus pre-qualification, we’re talking a difference of closing in 30 to 45 days versus closing in 15 to maybe 20 days. So that’s a big selling point to a seller who has multiple offers.

So very, very often it’s just not “OK, what’s the price?”—and the seller goes with that highest price. The seller is looking at price, earnest money. They’re looking at closing date, financing. They’re looking at the pre-qual versus pre-approval. I mean, they’re looking at all those little details added up, and often that sales price or that top dollar isn’t what sways them. It’s the security of all those things that follow.

Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb
Davis and Lamb with their clients on “Unsellable Houses”


Do you have any tips for those hoping to do some renovations?

Lamb: Materials are crazy expensive right now. But there’s also a lot of alternative sites. If you look on OfferUp or Facebook Marketplace or any of those, people are selling materials that they weren’t able to use. They maybe thought they were going to be able to do a renovation, but they ended up running out of money or their contractor didn’t come through, and now they’re selling the materials. Try to find deals on materials if you really want to do a renovation but you’re not willing to pay the prices of materials right now.

Are there any particular materials or colors that you guys are especially loving these days?

Lamb: I’m pretty partial to blush right now, and I’ve been using it in a lot of different ways, just kind of using it more as my neutral and then building other colors on top of it. Leslie is not quite there as a believer yet, but I think I’m about to get to her.

Have any advice for homeowners and sellers who want to refresh their homes for spring?

Davis: I love a big farmer’s market—grabbing some fresh flowers every week, then switching them out. I mean, it’s $10, sometimes $15, but it can make all the difference just having that fresh bouquet of flowers in your house during this season as flowers are starting to bloom outside. I think that’s a huge mood booster, especially in our area where the skies are still a little gray. I think that’s a really easy way to bring some life inside.

Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb
The real estate experts are always on the move.